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Topic Synopsis:

Equip Business Professionals with Digital Marketing Skills. Learners can explore employment and contribute towards business growth opportunities.


  1. Ad Performance Optimisation and Objective
  2. Ad Social Proofing Hack- Create Market Buzz
  3. Facebook Pixel Installation
  4. Enhanced Audience Targeting
  5. Audience Insights
  6. Custom & Lookalike Audience
  7. Remarketing & Retargeting
  8. Audience Overlapping
  9. Images, Videos and Copywriting
  10. Online Marketing Automation Set Up – Leads and Sales Conversion Funnel
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Trainer’s Profile:

Mr Shad Salleh

Shad is an all rounded marketer. He has led diverse marketing campaigns from varied industries from airlines, retail banking, lifestyles and wellness for the last 17years. 

Well versed in Digital Marketing Training, he has trained more than 1200 Singaporean and PRs for this years alone under his training arm, Digital Advertising Academy which also co function as an Ads Agency.

Shad derives satisfaction from the courses he conducted especially when he is able to impart life learning skills that is relevant for now and future. He takes enormous pride doing what he often term as ‘My contribution to the community’ and what he sees as ‘Give that man a fish, he will have it for one dinner only but teach him how to fish, he will have for the rest of his life’.

Lastly, his campaigns has been awarded Singapore Prestige Brand for 2013 and 2015.

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About Digital Advertising Academy:


Digital Advertising Academy (DAA) is approved by Ministry of Education and registered as Digital Marketing Training Provider specialising in helping its trainees prepare for an in-depth understanding on digital marketing core fundamentals. 

Whether you are seeking employment as a Digital Marketer, to boost your career or to improve your business sales goals, DAA can help you achieve your goals. 

Our trainers comprises a team of digital marketing and brand experts with award winning credentials and had the experience of managing some of the leading brands in Singapore. Our philosophy stems from the belief, online marketing is for everyone so people may be encouraged to have their own business that have the capacity to reach out and grow. 

Furthermore, we look at training as an opportunity to challenge and evolve. We encourage all trainees to think big, ask questions and question big assumptions; we take pride in discussions and environments we facilitate.

This workshop is complimentary for all Singaporeans and NTUC Union members. Pre-registration is required. Walk-ins will NOT be admitted. You will need a laptop, charger and a mouse for this workshop.