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Course Fee: $25 per participant per seminar (Free for Singaporeans/PRs)

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13 March 2019, Wed

2pm - 5pm

Printed Organs

Bio-fabrication, or bio-printing. is an emerging, disruptive technology with a broad spectrum of applications in the field of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug toxicology. In its simplest form, this technology involves the accurate dispensation of living cells into cell culture dishes. In complex workflows, growth factors, multiple cell types, biocompatible bio inks, etc. are used to seed cells onto and into pre-fabricated tissue scaffolds, to produce complex tissues like liver, heart etc. Progress in this field is being driven by an insatiable demand for transplantable tissues and organs; while the waiting list for organs grows each year, the numbers of donors and successful transplants show less dramatic changes. There is also a need for alternatives to animal models in drug toxicology and cosmetic testing. Today’s talk will focus on the basic principles of bioprinting, the recent progress in this field and the promise this technology holds for the future.

Mr Tan Ming Jie - Chief Scientific & Operating Officer, DeNova Sciences Pte Ltd

Ming Jie is a Cell Biologist who specialised in humanised 3D skin Organoid that can serve as flexible and powerful platform to cater to a wide range of testing methods. He co-founded DeNova Sciences in late 2012 where he assumed the roles of Chief Scientific Officer overseeing the laboratory testing capabilities that cater to the FMCG groups. He has keen interest in various topics such as wound healing, stem cells and diabetic compromised skin. Not only is he passionate about skin research areas, but he also hopes to bring the science research communities and personal care industrial players closer to better enhance innovation and technology exchange. He wants to create a testing platform that can better evaluate and understand the product in the most ethical way to safeguard the consumer health and enhance quality of products.

Dr Suchitra Derebail - Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

Suchitra has over 15 years of research experience in Stem Cell Biology, Molecular biology and Virology. As a Lecturer in the School of Applied Science at Republic Polytechnic since 2011, Suchitra accumulated diverse experience through her extensive research work at both academic and industry levels, also securing various grants in the process. Her doctoral work at the University of Maryland, College Park (USA) was on the chaperone effects of nucleocapsid protein during recombination in HIV-1 virus. During her post-doctoral stint, Suchitra continued her research work in AIDS at the well-renowned National Institutes of Health at Bethesda, USA. Her findings in this field have been published in several journals, and cited by her peers in the field. Suchitra then pursued her research interests in an industrial setting at Invitrogen (currently known as Thermofisher) where she worked on the areas of baculoviral and lentiviral transfection methodologies, stem cell reprogramming and on several Invitrogen patented technologies like Gateway, Block IT miRNA and VectorNTi. Her current research interests are in the areas of bioprinting and tissue engineering.

20 March 2019, Wed

2pm - 5pm

Healthcare Analytics

Data is the oil (or some say nuclear power) in this new industrial revolution, and analytics is the combustion engine that brings out the potential in data to deliver powerful insights.

In a seminar focused on the implications and real-life applications of leveraging data in healthcare, two hospital pharmacists will be sharing their experiences and insights on how data analytics can play a massive role in improving the health of the individual and also of the population. They will be touching on issues such as the future prospects of using data in healthcare, importance of domain knowledge and technical expertise, and how one can get started in the field of data analytics.

Mr Kenneth Leung - Senior Pharmacist & Healthcare Data Analyst, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

A registered pharmacist in both Singapore and Hong Kong, Kenneth has been practicing as an inpatient pharmacist in KTPH for the past 5 years, with special interest in heart failure and anticoagulation management. Kenneth is a digital health enthusiast who has developed a strong interest and passion in leveraging data and technological innovations to empower both healthcare professionals and patients alike. He is the founder of MediView, an online national drug image portal which sees more than 400 unique users daily. He is also part of the NHG Pharmacy Transformation ELITE committee, where he is leading a team to explore ways to improve medication adherence and patient outcomes through appropriate medication use.

Mr Desmond Teo - Pharmacist, National University Hospital

Desmond graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) (Honours), and has been working in the National University Hospital (NUH) as a Pharmacist since then. He works closely with clinicians and nurses from the clinical specialties of dermatology and nephrology, engaging in initiatives to improve patient care and the overall outpatient experience. He has a keen interest in healthcare informatics and the use of information technology (IT) as an enabler of safe and efficient healthcare delivery. The NUH myMeds mobile application is a prime example of such work. Mr Desmond is also actively involved as an administrator of the NUH e-Learning portal; in the coordination of downtime procedures within the Pharmacy Department; and the planning of outpatient clinical services.

27 March 2019, Wed

2pm - 5pm

Robotics for Healthcare

With the advancement of Industrial Automation, businesses are pressured to automate.

Companies need to empower staff with the time and ability to take on fulfilling tasks with collaborative robots on the line.

Mr Ix Lee - Regional Sales Development Manager, Universal Robots

Ix Lee joined Universal Robots (UR) in 2016 and is based out of the Regional Office in Singapore. As Regional Sales Development Manager for Southeast Asia, he is dedicated to providing innovative business solutions that transform businesses across the regions.

With a wealth of experience in the technology, automation and robotics industries with a focus in engineering, sales and marketing, Ix has deep understanding on how automation and robotics can effectively and efficiently be integrated into businesses with minimum disruption and for maximum business results.

At UR, Ix is responsible for leads generation, sales and marketing activities as well as assist with the commercial development of channel partners in Southeast Asia. On top of these, Ix manages sales and marketing strategy, business plan, plan implementation and commercial results for the market. Besides sales development, Ix conducts marketing activities as part of his sales development work and provide sales training to our distributors in enhancing their sales skills in promoting UR.

Ix holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering from National University of Singapore. Prior to UR, Ix worked as an OEM Sales Lead based in Penang, Malaysia with Rockwell Automation. He also previously worked in engineering role at Sauer-Danfoss-Daikin, Acexon Technologies, Totaltronic System and Hewlett Packard.

Mr Ridwan Mustafa - Technical Team Lead, Universal Robots

Ridzwan Mustafah joined Universal Robots (UR) in 2015 and is based out of the Regional Office in Singapore. As Technical Team Lead for Southeast Asia and Oceania, Ridzwan leads the Technical Support team to the next level in providing world-class services and support to stakeholders. Ridzwan also takes the lead in delivering regional technical strategy and provides consultation to develop channel partners’ technical competency. Besides managing the Technical Support team, Ridzwan’s responsibilities include spearheading the regional training function and taking the role of technical support for Indonesia and Pakistan. Before this role, Ridzwan was Regional Technical Support Engineer of UR. Ridzwan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering from The University of Glasglow, Scotland, UK. Prior to UR, Ridzwan worked at National Instruments ASEAN as Applications Engineer in Singapore. He has extensive experience in engineering, having worked in similar role in his career where he provides technical support, training and application consultation to customers. He also possesses system integration experience on automation and control solutions.

3 April 2019, Wed

2pm - 5pm

Wearable Technologies

This presentation will introduce the emerging technology trend in Wearable Technology, concept of Flexible Hybrid Printed Electronics (FHPE), outline the manufacturing process and integration of FHPE, key challenges and opportunities in application development for Wearables. The presentation will elaborate the development through two case studies of integrated functional demonstrators - a ECG smart T-shirt and an interactive surface for equipment.

The future of health can be determined by how people can be motivated to manage their health supported by future technology. Wearables are intelligent gadgets that can be placed near users as part of their daily lives with enhanced mobility and functionality. Wearables are now being considered as a potentially avenue that could reduce the costs of healthcare and improve our well-being in numerous ways through its advanced sensing technologies. In this presentation, a new level of wearables for future healthcare will be presented through advanced smart clothing systems. Along with health care receivers (patients), a caregiver will also be considered as a beneficiary of this human-centred wearable platform, with regard to the tasks and skills required for the future healthcare ecosystem. 

Mr Lok Boon Keng - Programme Manager, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Mr Lok obtained his Master of Science (Management of Technology) and Bachelor of Science (Physics) from National University of Singapore. He has served the semiconductor and electronics industry for 10 years prior joining SIMTech in 2001. In SIMTech, he has researched into advanced substrate and bumping technology, embedded passives, printing technologies especially micro-jetting process. Currently he is the programme manager of Large Area Processing Programme and the team lead of the application technology team to develop applications of flexible hybrid printed electronics and functional films based on Roll-to-Roll manufacturing technology. 

Dr Youngjin Chae (Marie) - Senior Design Scientist, Lifetech Wear

Dr. Youngjin Chae (Marie) is Senior Design Scientist at Lifetech Wear and a visiting researcher at the Institute of Symbiotic Life-TECH, Yonsei University Korea in the field of technologically-intensive design for smart clothing, functional garments and wearable electronics. Her research interests cover smart clothing, innovative textiles, and human-centered technologies with creative design solutions for enhanced functionality, wear comfort and emotional-humanitarian values.

10 April 2019, Wed

2pm - 5pm

IoT in Healthcare

For nearly all individuals and families, health and wellbeing are linked to a very dynamic personal and social context – in realtime. To be able to personalize lasting impact, we need to be able to turn context into measurable, quantifiable and traceable data. New sensor technologies allow to translate ‘feelings’ into a digital profile that than can be leveraged to deliver a sustainable impact on the individuals’ health, ideally before any medical symptoms occur.

This session tackles new emerging trends and opportunities in active lifestyles, behavior, nutrition and supplementation, diagnostics and wearables to maximize anyone’s opportunities and live life to the fullest, longest, heathiest.

Dr Bert Grobben - Chief Executive Officer, Budding Innovations

Dr. Bert Grobben, brings 15 years Corporate experience (Procter & Gamble & Avery Dennison), in both B2B and B2C businesses. Rooted in a Life Science background and senior Global R&D leadership roles, he developed a wide global industry network and deep experience in and matching & maturing technology potential based on consumer, customer or specific market needs. He has a successful track record of building and growing businesses by maturing and adopting new technologies. He is an expert in Open Innovation and has developed a refined approach to meet the variables each individual innovation project faces.

Most recently he became a serial venture builder and is the (co-)founder of Budding Innovations, Ecoworth Tech, Athlede and Actualyzed, while having leadership roles in several other technology start-ups.

Dr Lawrence Wee - Chief Data Scientist, Allianz Asia Pacific

Dr. Lawrence Wee is a data science practitioner and innovator in healthcare and insurance. At Allianz Asia-Pacific he provides healthcare data science thought leadership and drives regional innovation efforts at the intersection of data, health and insurance.

Prior to this role, he founded the healthcare and biomedical analytics laboratory at the Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R) in Singapore, and served as principal investigator for research initiatives in genomics, precision medicine, digital health and population health. After the stint at I2R, he moved on to Zuellig Pharma where he took on the role of Chief Data Scientist and led the development of healthcare data capabilities for pharma stakeholders.

Dr. Wee sits on the scientific advisory boards of several technology companies in cybersecurity, medtech and healthtech, and speaks regularly at international conferences in artificial intelligence, data and healthcare. He was previously the President of the Association for Medical and Bio-informatics Singapore (AMBIS), and the current vice-chair of the Chinese-American Pharmaceutical Society (CABS) Singapore chapter. He received his Ph.D. in Computational Biology and Machine Learning from the National University of Singapore. He is also an Associate Faculty at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, and runs a research program in artificial intelligence for cancer genetics.