Company Profile

SingResource Global Pte Ltd (SRG) provides people solutions that are relevant and yet easy to administer. Their aim is to equip clients with the appropriate tools, skills and competencies that will ensure they stay ahead of the competition, and in a highly sustainable manner. They conduct master classes as well as consultancy services where we work with grant agencies to deliver these programmes. The upcoming course in Talent Management Framework will equip participants with Ready-To-Use solutions that can be applied immediately. The course will generously share actual experiences in various workplaces, making the application realistic, relevant and measurable.

Trainer Profile

Casslynn Ong is a high-performing strategic professional specializing in the field of human resources. In her career as a regional people strategist of more than 30 years with top brands in the Hi-Tech industry, she has built a reputation as a highly-valued business partner that possesses strong business acumen and leadership in change management.

She is a strong believer in the importance of Executive Sponsorship in building a high-performance culture. Developing strategies that champion PEOPLE factor in every business connection, Casslynn has successfully delivered engaged and superior performing teams.  

With her track records in translating HR practices into effective solutions that supported business growth, she has helped set up companies from ground zero as well as jump start companies out of stagnation. 

Casslynn’s goal in starting the Talent Management Framework program is to empower every Business Leader and Employee into owning and driving their own success. She has put together all the key learnings from her decades of experience as people strategist, and developed into solutions that can be easily acquired and replicated to ensure business continuity and growth. These solutions, if properly understood, enable any business leader and ambitious career professional to attain success in a scalable and sustainable manner