A seminar series on urban agriculture, co-organised by Republic Polytechnic (RP) and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). 


Hall 4, Level 1

Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability

80 Jurong East Street 21

Singapore 609607

Course Fee: 

Free for Singaporeans & PRs

Other Participants $25 per participant per seminar

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19 Sep 2019, Thursday

2pm - 5pm

Glocalization of Agriculture

With the nation’s ‘30 by 30’ target for food production, there is a need to understand how our local agriculture sector could head towards that vision. In this seminar, you will get to learn more about the importance of farming technologies, food consumption behaviour and strategies towards food supply resiliency. Insights on the importance of understanding global trends, and how to work out the strategy in marketing organic produce in Singapore will be shared.


25 Sep 2019, Wednesday

2pm - 5pm

Agriculture: Dollars and Sense

From the harsh climate to issues of land scarcity, new age farmers are tapping into new technologies as an enabler for a more sustainable solution. In this seminar, we will explore the opportunities and challenges faced in the field of agribusiness. From utilising data analytics to niche marketing, you will get to know what it takes to embark on an agripreneurship journey.  


4 Oct 2019, Friday

2pm - 5pm

Smart Farming

The future of modern agriculture is highly focused on efficiency – from precision farming to indoor farming using controlled environments. In recent years, countries across Asia have implemented approaches to support the automation of farming with data analytics, robotics and sensor technology. In this seminar, we will delve into the potential of digital solutions in agriculture, as well as challenges faced by stakeholders in the agriculture industry.


11 Oct 2019, Friday

2pm - 5pm

Agriculture Food Processing: Opportunities & Challenges

With the global trend of sustainable production of food, agribusiness companies are finding ways to reduce carbon footprint in various ways. Through this seminar, the applications of industrial enzymes in edible oil processing, animal feed and oleochemicals manufacturing will be discussed. We will also be sharing more about the journey of hybrid rice production, covering the value chain from seed to consumers.


18 Oct 2019, Friday

2pm - 5pm

Future Foods

The global population is predicted to increase to 9 billion by 2050, and hence the demand for meat will grow as well. Taking into consideration the sustainability issues that comes along with this rise in demand, there is a need for more options to produce meat without depleting our resources. One feasible solution would be to explore plant-based alternatives. In this seminar, insights on the possible sources of meat alternatives and plant proteins e.g. microalgae and their applications as future foods will be discussed.