Many jobseekers today face challenges in getting responses from potential employers. While some have relied on one-size-fit-all resumes, others are uncertain about the latest trends in resume writing. Win the Search! is a 4-hour interactive workshop that seeks to share with jobseekers the practical steps that they can take to craft an effective resume and increase their chances of getting selected for interviews. This workshop will add value to jobseekers who are intending to attend the Manufacturing Career Fair on 13 Feb 2020 as they learn how to craft their resumes according to the job positions that will be offered on career fair day itself.

The workshop also aims to share information on Manufacturing Industry 4.0, the relevant frameworks such as BBIP and PIDA and how jobseekers can leverage on these frameworks as a step-by-step guide to futureproof their careers. Refer to this link for more info on BBIP and PIDA:


  • Preparing an effective resume
  • Hands-on customization session
  • Introduction to Online Job Search Tools
  • Sharing on Manufacturing Industry 4.0 and BBIP, PIDA frameworks

Important Note:

Participants need to be equipped with basic IT knowledge so that they can benefit fully from the workshop. They are encouraged to bring along their laptop so that they can work on their resume on the spot. Participants without access to their laptop can bring along a printed copy of their resume.

Participants to prepare their resume according to the job position they are intending to apply for and to bring a copy of the resume (soft/hard copy). They can seek professional advice and a one-to-one consultation with our trainer.

Click here to register for session on 7 Feb, 9am to 1pm

Click here to register for session on 11 Feb, 9am to 1pm

In this fast-evolving employment landscape, job search can be challenging and stressful. Many jobseekers may quickly find themselves despondent in their job search and these feelings may be exacerbated by anxiety and apprehension experienced during interviews. However, jobseekers can avail themselves to latest interview techniques and prepare themselves to answer challenging interview questions. By applying the right techniques, jobseekers will be able to improve their responses and project a confident self during an interview.

Workshop Objectives

  • Make pre-interview preparations
  • Manage competency-based interviews using STAR
  • Craft an elevator pitch
  • Learn the do's and don'ts at interviews
  • Participate in mock interview sessions

Target Audience

PMETs who would like to ace at interviews and gain more practice for the actual interview sessions for the Manufacturing Career Fair on 13 Feb 2020

For Singaporeans only

Important Note

Participants are to:

1) Look through the job listing booklet and come prepared with a job they intend to apply to

*Job listing booklet will be released in due time, please check e2i events calendar regularly for updates on the Manufacturing Career Fair on 13 Feb 2020

2) Attend the workshop in interview attire

Click here to register for session on 7 Feb, 2pm to 6pm

Click here to register for session on 11 Feb, 2pm to 6pm